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A Letter to All

Dear Friends and Family, my son was born.

2019 was an excellent year. Definitely my best. No doubt this time. We had our first child. He is fighting some mild health issues at 4 days old, but nothing to worry about just yet. More preventative maintenance. He is great. I think we’ll keep him. We moved across the country to San Jose, California. I took a new job as the president of a magnet company and Bri transitioned to stay-at-home mom (even pre-baby for a few months, the lucky bug). I travelled too much, then not enough. Last year had no significant life events. This year had the best ones. We sold one house and have put the other one up for sale. No more being a landlord. I did not finish the PhD. Again. Maybe 2020 is my year, or work may give up on me. I’ve had my share of outdoor adventures, something I hoped for last year. I drove across the country, twice; on two different paths; and I commute full-time by motorcycle, which is the best outdoors. (It helps that it’s now summer all year long). I sold my small call and bought a minivan, who would have thought? I love it. I lived in it on one of the cross country trips, but I still prefer the motorcycle.

I was not hospitalized this year. That’s 2 years in a row. Although, I'm still regularly mocked for the last one. I remain surprisingly durable, as I should have hurt myself several times. I think I slept more this year than I have since I was an infant (except while driving, and of course the last 4 days of fatherhood). I am still extremely healthy, although not as fit as last year. I’ll fix that in the spring. I cared more, went to more doctors appointments (not mine, luckily), stressed very little, learned so much, and overall had a great time.

We did lose one of our beloved pets 2 days ago. It was poor timing with the arrival of the baby only 2 days before that. It has created a lot of different emotions. I left the hospital room (we were there until yesterday) only once in our stay and that was to rush to the vet and be with her as she passed.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the happiness you could possibly wish for in the future. I love each and every one of you.

Thank you for being my friend. -Kevin

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I am a magnetics applications engineer, meaning I analyze and design magnetic circuits utilizing permanent and soft magnetic materials for many applications, using FEA or other design tools and a lot of math. I am also a PhD student in electrical engineering at the University of Louisville specializing in a yet to be figured out magnetics project.

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I moved very far away. Sold all my houses. Projects are mostly digital now.

I have suspended teaching due to work travel and other interests.

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I got married in early 2013. Really, it's old news, but I'm still pretty excited about it, I guess. I bought a house in 2014. Another in 2016.

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